Pushing your Online Business Idea out into the World

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Online business idea
Mobile-friendly website

Do I need a mobile-friendly website for my business?

The short answer to your question is, yes, you need a mobile-friendly website. Back in February 2015, Google announced that it intended to change its search algorithm to more fully support the increase in mobile and tablet use by consumers. This means that websites that are not optimised for mobile or other devices, will more … Continued

Closing the loop with marketing online

The digital age has brought with it many conveniences. We now have the internet in our pockets, a watch that tells us to regularly get up and move and cars that can drive themselves. The parts of our personal lives that used to be led by us, are now prompted by technology. The same goes … Continued

Online business idea

Pushing your Online Business Idea out into the World

The internet is a powerful platform and it has created lots of amazing new opportunities. One of the biggest opportunities is the ability to build an online business that makes money while you sleep. However, building a successful online business is not as simple as people like to believe. An online business is just as … Continued

Homepage essentials

Homepage Essentials Your Business Needs to Understand

The homepage of a website is one of the most important pages of your website. It’s the first page a majority of your visitors will see and it needs to tick a few crucial boxes to be the best it can be. When planning or thinking about a website, the homepage is often a hard … Continued

Squarespace logo

Getting started on Squarespace

We get a lot of enquiries from people that either just need a simple website to get started or don’t yet have the budget for a custom website. Rather than turn these people away, we like to provide the best assistance we can. Most of the time we suggest alternatives where they can get something up … Continued

Common SEO mistakes

The most common SEO mistakes

I get asked a lot “…do you do SEO?” My response is Yes! But there’s more to it. What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process of getting your website to rank well on search engines for specific keywords, in an effort to drive more traffic to your website. People generally do this … Continued

Website digital strategy

3 things to consider for your website strategy

I get a lot of enquiries from people that want a website – that’s great right? Well, maybe. One of the first questions I ask these people is “Why do you want a website? What are you trying to achieve?” And a lot of people are stumped by this question. To me, this is a … Continued

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