Category: Lead generation

Closing the loop with marketing online

The digital age has brought with it many conveniences. We now have the internet in our pockets, a watch that tells us to regularly get up and move and cars that can drive themselves. The parts of our personal lives that used to be led by us, are now prompted by technology. The same goes … Continued

Success in 2015

5 things to make your website successful in 2015

If you’ve been thinking about the top things you should focus on this year, apart from your financial goals, you should definitely take the time to consider what other aspects of your business could use some improvement. Below we’ve compiled a top 5 list of actions that will benefit your business in 2015. 1. Ensure … Continued

3 traffic sources you should know about

A big part of growing any business or organisation is getting more leads. On your business website, this means that you need more traffic. So how can you get more traffic to your website? Ultimately, there are 3 basic types of traffic; earned, bought and owned. Earned traffic This is what most people think of … Continued

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